Friday, December 7, 2012

Look at yourself in the mirror without fear

Such a desire, I think, there is a minimum of 40 percent of women who see themselves in the mirror.
And in this case, size does not matter.
Small breasts can be as seductive and sensual, like a big - important the correct and regular maintenance, which includes the use of cosmetics and exercise.
Courting the chest, you can kill two birds with one stone: to make it supple and gives volume naturally.
So, get started!

Fit simple exercises: push-ups against the wall (just make sure Feel work the pectoral muscles), alternately pushing away from the wall with an offset to the left and to the right.
Daily care Breast skin is very delicate and subtle, so it requires regular and delicate care.
The first: Start caring about breast with choice of cosmetics designed specifically for the bust. It will be enough serum and cream. Use it twice a day, morning and evening. First apply the serum, and then a layer of cream or lotion, round and round them in the chest, including the nipple.

Avoid contact with warts and nipples, if in the number of active substances - it protects against irritation.
Apply cosmetics to the skin with light massage movements, the chest is better to use the horizontal motion in the form of eights. These techniques will help to improve blood circulation and accelerate the effect of cosmetics.
The second: Twice a week, use a mask. For greater efficiency wrapped up with cling film or foil.
Third: Every day, choose the time to do breast massage combined with peeling. To do this, take a little shower gel, containing fine particles skrabiruyuschie and massage the breasts in a circular motion.
This will help to prepare the skin for the absorption of beneficial ingredients of cosmetics.
Do not forget the douche: direct the flow of water from the bottom of the chest up, and then to the side - so you do modeling massage.

Fifth: If you are not going to help all of the above, then you can ask for help in the aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery.
I would still prefer to fix the shortcomings of the first four ways: its always closer to the body than the foreign implants.
Just make the effort - and you'll get the desired result!

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