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NYX Color Lip Balm in Grazie Review & Swatches

NYX Color Lip Balm in Grazie Review & Swatches

Hello Everyone!
Lip balm is one product which I cannot live without. Be it summer or winter, I want a lip balm in my handbag anytime. Adding up a fact that is winter now, where the breeze is cold and lovely :) I have already started stocking up lip balms in my beauty case in a great speed. For this winter, I definitely want a lip balm of every kind; Hmm like what? I want a transparent one of heavy moisturizing creamy kind, a tinted one which looks natural on my lips, a colour changing one, a favorite smelling one, a sweet one :P and the list goes on. (Such a lip balm freak I am!) If I get 2 or more qualities mentioned above in a single lip balm, that would be a sweetie pie for me and that particular lip balm will take place in my beauty case, stay there for a long time :P
       Fine without further lip balm stories of mine, let me come to the point. Today, I am going to review the NYX color lip balm in Grazie shade. These NYX color lip balms come in 12 different shades, and somehow I liked this particular shade Grazie's swatch and ending up in picking this. I wanted few more shades from this range too but the price made me to think more than twice and I skipped the idea for then. Shall we move on to the review now?

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What does the NYX Color Lip Balm claims?:
Add color and moisturize to your lips in one application.  When your lips crave hydration and you crave color, NYX Cosmetics new Color Lip Balm is the perfect option! Get the moisture, shine, and a sheer wash of color your lips desire while still looking natural. Available in 12 shades.

Price & Quantity: $3.75 for 4g on their main website (It is somewhere between Rs.500 to Rs.600 in India; I am not sure though)

Shade: Grazie

Shades Available & Shade Details:
  • MERCI (CLB01) Sheer fuchsia shade with blue undertones 
  • GRAZIE (CLB02) Red color with pink undertones 
  • THANK YOU (CLB03) Hot pink with blue undertones
  • XIE XIE (CLB04) Dusty pink shade 
  • SUKRIYA (CLB05) Pure red shade 
  • OBRIGADO (CLB06) Sheer deep red 
  • SPASIBO (CLB07) Nude shade with a slight pink undertones 
  • ARIGATO (CLB08) Coral shade with shimmer 
  • ASANTE (CLB09) Sheer mauve tone 
  • TACK (CLB10) Natural brown/beige 
  • DANKE (CLB11) Pure nude 
  • SHUKRAN (CLB12) Pink shade with blue undertones 

My Experience with NYX Color Lip Balm in Grazie:

Packaging: One of the main reasons I picked this lip balm is its packaging. This NYX color lip balms comes in a simple but yet an attractive black coloured (Black is my most favorite colour!) tube with a screw cap. It is a screw bottomed lip balm which is easy to use and shuts tightly without any hardness. Overall, I could say that the packaging is simple, attractive, easy to use and travel friendly. I have not even a single complaint with its packaging.

Colour, Texture, Fragrance & Pigmentation: As per the NYX website, Grazie is a red shade with pink undertones. I felt the same with the colour. It has no blue undertones and yet, would perfectly suit Asian skin tones. It is a fresh rosy red shade with a smooth and rich texture that spreads easily over lips. It doesn't have any sort of shimmers. The pigmentation is better when compared to other few lip balms in the market but it cannot cover highly pigmented lips. (Isn't that a greedy expectation from a lip balm :P huh?!) It has a sweet, fruity (Cherry and strawberry mixed in my viw) fragrance which is on medium-strong range; I don't bother though and thank god for making this balm tasteless! It will escape from my tongue and stay longer :P

Now comes the swatches of NYX Grazie Lip Balm! Enjoy.

NYX Grazie Lip Balm swatch in flash light.

How it works: To say in single line, this has become my HG lip balm now. I just need a kajal and this lip balm to step out. This leaves my lips soft, moisturized and fresh with that delicious looking red rose shade. I love the way how it shows up on my lips and make it fuller. There is no sticky or waxy feel left behind. The colour spreads smoothly and doesn't settle into lines on lips. The staying power is good; it stays for 3-4 hours on my lips without food or water intake, leaving a subtle tint behind that looks natural. And with food or water intake, it fades away in less than 3 hours. In hard winter days, I definitely have to reapply this lip balm once in atleast 2 hours to help my lips stay moisturized.
   Many of the tinted lip balms I own disappoints me by not showing up any tint on my lips and it bothered me a lot till I picked this NYX color lip balm. Now I am totally satisfied with this product from NYX. It not only provides a beautiful tint to my lips, but also help my lips stay soft and moisturized for a decent time. If you're the one who don't like to wear lipsticks everday, then go for this lip balm and you will not regret at all. It looks completely natural on the lips more than a lipstick and also provides a good colour payoff and moisture. The price may be on higher side for a lip balm, but I am completely loving it! Once I finish this Grazie shade, I am planning to pick some other shades from their collection. Don't forget to pick atleast one from their collection of color lip balms if you are a lip balm freak like me! :D

PROS of NYX Color Lip Balm in Grazie:

  • Simple, attractive, easy to use and travel friendly packaging
  • Hygienic to use as it comes in a tube with a screw bottom; and not a tub
  • Glides smoothly onto the lips and instantly moisturizes
  • The colour payoff is really good
  • This fresh red rose shade would be perfect for everyday wear
  • Suits almost every skin tone
  • This particular shade Grazie is absolutely gorgeous
  • Leaves a beautiful tint behind even after fading away
  • I loved the medium to strong sweet fruity smell!
  • They have 12 different colours to choose from!
  • A single tube lasts for more than a month
  • A great replacement to everyday lipsticks as it is well pigmented

CONS of NYX Color Lip Balm in Grazie:

I seriously have no big con to mention about this (My HG) product but still, few things those bother me a little are..
  • Its price ofcourse! Everyone cannot spend 500 bucks on a lip balm. Right?
  • I loved the strong fruity fragrance but still sensitive noses may not like it much.
  • It tends to melt in very hot summers hence you should store it in refrigerator.
  • I expect a better staying power of 4-5 hours or even more, atleast for the price!

Makeup and Beauty Home Rating: 4/5 (-0.5 for the price and -0.5 for the strong fragrance)

Do I Recommend NYX Color Lip Balm in Grazie?: If you're a lip balm freak, go pick one for sure and you will definitely love it :) I highly recommend this lip balm as it is well pigmented and shows up on the lips when compared to other tinted lip balms in the market.

Would I Repurchase NYX Color Lip Balm in Grazie?: Yes! I am so loving this lip balm and going to try the other shade from their NYX Color lip balm collection. Did you notice something? All their 12 shades have the names which means 'Thank you' in different languages. :)

Have you tried NYX Color Lip Balms? Which is your favorite NYX product?

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