Sunday, December 2, 2012

REVIEW: The Body Shop Satsuma Shower Gel

Just yesterday I had this incessant urge to re-organize my bathroom counter at 11:20 pm! Yup I have these "Monica Gellar" moments once in a while and the pati looks over helplessly while I overhaul the whole house, organizing, reorganizing and refurbish the whole house :P So while organizing my bath and body products, I realised that ALL of my bath and skincare products were from The Body Shop! I realised I am seriously addicted! That is how I realised that there were so many of these TBS products that were still pending review and I picked up the Satsuma Shower Gel for review today :)

First off, it smells divine! It has a warm Orangey fragrance (obviously), which instead of being OTT is actually so refreshing and so yummy that all you want to do is pray that the running hot water in your bath just continues till eternity... I generally have a candle-lit hot shower before bed during the winters, where I pamper myself with luxurious spa salts and all that jazz... But since the Satsuma Shower Gel has come into my life, all I need is this and my spa salts remain forgotten on the bathroom counter :D

It is super moisturising and really not drying! I am telling you this in the winter season so you can imagine how well suited it is for dry skin :) It contains Satsuma Peel Essential Oils that I assume is responsible for the yummy fragrance, Glycerin that helps it be a moisturising product and Community Trade Organic Soya Oil (Brazil) that is rich in essential fatty acids that helps repair skin... It is actually goodness in a bottle :)

The best part about the product is that it leaves behind a beautifully refreshing Orange fragrance in the bathroom :)

Images of the Product:

Ooooohhh And Aaaahhhsss!!!
1. It has a refreshing fragrance
2. It is not drying!
3. It smoothly glides on your skin and leaves a residual freshness after the shower.
4. Does not cause any reactions but generally TBS products do not :)
5. Quite easily available at all TBS counters.
6. One bottle goes on for pretty long
7. It lathers easily and really well.

I really cannot think of any!

It costs INR 395/- for 250 ml.

Oh you bet! I think I have found my HG shower gel and I am so not deviating form it :)

Would I Recommend?
I'd be selfish not to! This is a must try product from Body Shop and if you like luxurious hot showers, you must give this a shot :)

Overall Rating:

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