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Get Fair Complexion in Ten Days

In countries like India, fair skin has become a huge craze among people and everybody wants to get fair. It cannot be done overnight but it is possible gradually with some home remedies. You need to follow a good skin care regime, diet and fitness exercise routine to achieve that clear glowing skin! Just don't run behind fairness creams and lotions filled with chemicals and preservatives because all you get is a bleached and ugly looking skin. Most of the fairness creams cannot provide your skin a natural glow at all. Go to your kitchen and find some natural ingredients that can help your skin to become more bright and clear! Use them everyday as advised and you can notice results gradually. Other than these fairness remedies, some preventive measures should also be taken in order to prevent your new glowing skin. If you follow the rules perfectly, glowing fair complexion is all yours! Today, I will be giving some ideas and tips to improve your skin complexion,especially for brides. Note them down, follow them and let us know how it works. It might not show dramatic results on your skin, but it is sure you can notice a good difference on your skin texture and complexion within ten days.

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The More Sun - The More Sunscreen
What does it means? It is not that you need to apply sunscreen only on  hot summer days. Don't allow those clouds to fool you, sunscreen is also important in cloudy days. The more you be out in sun, the more sunscreen with a good  SPF is needed. Make sure to choose a sunscreen with high SPF, so that you get a longer protection. It is recommended to reapply your sunscreen lotion once in every four hours. This is the first step when it comes to the treatment of getting fair skin, because you need to prevent your new fair skin. Alright! This is the very important step, so don't skip it.

Fairness Bath Body Pack
How many times do you bath everyday? Hope it is twice because of this hot sun nowadays. It is best to bath once in the morning and once in the evening, soon after returning home from your work/study place. Leave the morning session, because you would be in hurry of getting ready. Let us have a relaxing bath in the evening. Open your refrigerator and take some tomatoes and a lemon. In a blender, add a cup of besan (Gram flour), few tomatoes, 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. This mixture should be blended well to a smooth paste by adding required rose water. You can also add some green gram flour if available, though it's just optional. Now collect this smooth paste in a bowl and go to bath. Use your daily soap/body wash to have a mild bath, using a loofah and scrubbing skin gently would be much better. After you cleanse up the body skin, apply this fairness body pack on your wet skin. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes. Now wash away this pack with plenty of fresh water and towel dry the skin. That's it! This body pack natural whitens skin, removes tan and eliminate those dead skin cells naturally. This should be followed everyday for ten days, in order to see astonishing results. However, you can make it in alternate days as per your convenience. 

Leisure Time Facial Skin Foods
So what can you do to improve your complexion in your leisure time? Is your skin oily? Mix equal amounts of rose water, lemon juice and potato juice. Using a cotton ball, gently apply this over your face and neck and allow it to dry. You can do your own works like watching tv, or cooking meanwhile. After it dries, splash fresh water and wash away. For dry skinned people, a mixture of milk on honey can be applied to improve the skin. A face mask made with almond paste can also be applied everyday on your face for dramatic results!  By these simple tit bits, you are helping your skin get out of tan and become bright faster.

Water.. Water.. Water!
Water is everything! When your body is dehydrated, you can do nothing on your skin. No topical treatments work  when you have inner health issues. Drink at least 3 liters of water everyday to notice extraordinary results on your skin complexion and texture. Water is an all rounder remedy when it comes to skin. Not whole month or a year, just try this for 10 days. After that you will stick to drinking water and recommend your friends to do this. Not only inside, your skin needs water too. So whenever possible, especially after sun exposure, splash fresh cold water on your skin to heal and calm it.

Hot Oil Body Massage
Resting in weekends? Here is a task for you. Select a base oil of your wish. (Eg. coconut oil or olive oil). Crush some Neem and Tulsi leaves and add them to this oil and heat it. When the mixture is warm, switch off the stove and apply this oil all over your body and start massaging. You can also ask someone to do this. This hot oil massage can be followed twice in a week to achieve fairer complexion. Do you know how this helps? This improves overall body blood circulation and removes old tan. Thus, your body skin glows like a diamond! This really works, don't skip this too. In our ten days fairness skin routine, follow it for at least four times.

Moisturize Daily
Last but not least, a good moisturizer is important to make all the above things work. Wondering how? I will tell you. Whatever you do for your skin, moisturization is important to retain moisture and keep skin soft and glowing! Have you ever noticed your skin after bath, those white patches or some dryness? if you use your finger nails to draw a line on your skin, those white lines would be visible. You should never ever allow this thing happen if you want glowing beautiful skin. Moisturization is needed for extremely oily skin types too, however it should be light. So, use a good face and body lotion after every bath or face wash to retain skin's moisture. This would not show you overnight results, but the results are just fabulous if followed regularly. So keep the word "Moisturization". Never skip it!

That's all. These are the things you need to perform these 10 days. Of course this is not a get fair quick routine, but it really works if you follow in a proper way. You can notice the brightened and softened effect on your skin after these ten days. This routine will be very helpful for brides, so take a challenge, follow it for ten days and let us know how it works!

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